Take a joyride


Take a joyride

31 August 2020
Take a joyride

Fun things to bring on a road trip

Imagine rolling down the windows of your car, enjoying the fresh breeze as you enter a new destination full of new experiences and discoveries. There’s truly nothing quite like a road adventure, and it’s a great way to explore parts of your own backyard that you haven’t seen yet.

If you’re planning for your next road trip and you want to ensure that it’s going to be a memorable journey, here are some fun things to bring to make your adventure extra awesome.

Music on the road

Good music can keep you alert and smiling if you’re behind the wheel. A variety of music from country and classic to pop and upbeat tunes can keep the whole car happy. Create a playlist that you can download onto your device so you can play them even without an internet connection.

Road trip games

If you want to keep the little ones and even adults away from the “Are we there yet?” blues, then definitely make sure to add some travel-ready games to your road kit. From card game favourites to fun toys the choices are endless to keep everyone entertained. A road trip is also a great time to connect with your fellow travellers, using game cards with light-hearted and thought-provoking questions as conversations starters.

Homemade healthy snacks

Looking for a delicious way to stay healthy on the road? Why not prepare some homemade treats that are easy to munch while travelling. You can create your own trail mix of nuts and dried fruits and portion them into individual servings in small bags to make them easier to grab.

Pillows, blankets, and cozy flip-flops

When putting together your road trip packing list, don’t forget to bring these essentials to make your travel as comfortable as possible. A pillow is useful for those times when it’s not your turn to drive, when you need some shut-eye. If the air conditioning is too much to handle, a blanket provides a quick comfort. Keep your feet feeling relaxed the entire trip with a comfy yet stylish pair of flip-flops.

High quality camera

Make sure to keep a good quality camera on hand to capture all the exciting experiences, wonderful moments and incredible destinations you visit. Moreover, taking photographs and videos with a great camera can add a whole extra dimension to your adventures, helping you look at the world with a unique perspective.

And lastly... your ultimate travel tool:

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